Bitwise South Stadium is Fresno’s Googleplex. Walking through the doors of 700 Van Ness presents visitors and tenants with a beehive of smart, creative, geeky people doing what they love for a living in a vibrant ecosystem built for the technology industry.

Imagine that a hundred-year-old building in a forgotten section of downtown Fresno was brought back to life by the fastest-growing industry in the planet. Dream up 50,000 square feet of private office space, the region’s only collaborative workspace, more than 40 technology firms, a 10,000-square-foot technology education center, a gym, and a 200-seat theater.

In place of suits and ties, you’ll find hoodies and flip-flops. Where you thought you’d find a copier, you'll find a community garden. And we threw out the cubicles in favor of a game room. It’s like work, only better.


Originally built as an indoor car dealership in 1915, the business needed ramps to transport cars from one level of the building to another. A car elevator was later added, but the ramps remained in place.

When Bitwise Industries acquired the building, this presented a significant space planning challenge, but we saw a solution that overcame the issue and honored the distinctive history of the building. Where others saw an obsolete 120-foot ramp, we saw a 200-seat stadium seating theater, 25-feet wide, 120-feet long. What was once a means to transport cars will become one of the region’s premier theaters used for hosting talks, pitches, presentations, shows, and events of all sorts for decades to come.

The theater will be made available to tenants and the community on a for-fee basis.

Location Amenities

  • 5 shared, reservable conference rooms
  • 2,400-square-foot co-working space at Hashtag
  • Café, espresso bar, and market
  • Gym, 200-seat stadium seating theater
  • Rapid prototyping, hardware, and light manufacturing lab
  • 1,700-square-foot tenant lounge with pool table, arcade machine, shuffleboard, current gen video games, full kitchen, and beer on tap